Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anubis, the Comic Book....

I'm in the throes of illustrating the first issue of the comic book "Anubis" from creator and writer Sage Howerton.  (The final cover is shown on above.)

"As the sun sets on the Bronze Age a dark shadow hangs over the gods of ancient Egypt. The mysterious and inexplicable death of the goddess Bast has disquieted her immortal brethren. Lurking in the shadows is a force not of this world that even most gods could not stand against. Only Anubis, god of death, can hope to balance the scales in the millennia to come..."

Every interior page has been thumbnailed and laid out and now I'm diving into fully rendering each page.

You can see from these images the process of jumping from those initial rough marks to the final interior art, full of texture, color, and life.  I hope, at least. :)

And here's some more promotional art that features the title character, Anubis.  His costume and staff has evolved a little since this pic.

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