Saturday, April 21, 2012

My First Artist Alley Booth: Planet Comicon.

Some photo highlights:

Ahh, the night before - printing and going crazy trying to get the portfolio in the best order for the coming portfolio review with a Marvel editor the next day.

The booth!

And the booth babe!

People? People looking at my stuff and paying for my art?? This is... strange...

Working on my first commission!

Awesome Doctor Who cosplay. I couldn't help but shout out "K-9!" as they walked by.

Marvel Girl commission...

Ghostbuster commission (part of a larger project by the commissioner to gain as many Ghostbuster doodles as possible: ).

Willy Wonka commission.

Writer Dennis Hopeless.

A phonebox in the corner teasing me the whole time...

Captain Adama...

... and Lando!

Even some family made it out, sporting some interesting shirts...

Well, I think these did a better job than what my rambling could have conveyed. I was definitely nervous beforehand, but I ended up having a blast meeting people and drawing them stuff. I even made enough to pay for the table!

Next up: St. Louis's Project Comic Con.