Thursday, May 10, 2012

Artwork Round-Up

Gathering all the work that's been scattered around the interwebs in the last month or so:

These last two were from the last update of my Shield and Sword project which is continuing along nicely.

And these two are from the next Shield and Sword mission: "Broken Chord". Especially happy with how that second one turned out.

A Halo pin-up I did for fun, trying to channel 70's / 80's space opera covers.

 So there's this game called Skyrim...

An arm study for the playable character of Venerance, a mod I'm helping out with.

Another Venerance concept - working on the MJOLNIR Mk. IV arms.

"Vagrant Fire" - not sure where this came from, but it definitely led to the dragon piece above.

"Horizons Do Not Go Up"