Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Year In Review, Another To Come

This image pretty much sums up the highlights of what I've accomplished in the 1.5 years since graduating college. I think I'm most proud of finishing Halo: A Fistful of Arrows, the largest project I've ever embarked on. Anything that could spawn such rabid support, petitions, soundtracks, etc, is something to be satisfied with, I think.

Of course those jobs that actually paid weren't too shabby either. :)

Anubis can now be added to that list... well, at least for my part. The art is all complete, the actual comic won't be released till the spring, though.

We'll be starting up a Kickstarter project soon to help fund the initial print run.

Next, I've got to work on...

-Re-doing my (this) website
-Various jobs and commissions I need to do
-Halo: Shield and Sword
-The Mayflower Project

Too many ideas, too many things to work on, not enough time... :)