Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artwork Round-Up

A crazy, dark, and dreary last few months - and it's sad to think that I haven't produced much art since the last post here in May. But I'm working to change that...

Back to coloring a Batman piece full of his allies and enemies:

And also continuing work on my Shield and Sword project, speculating through text and images what Halo 4 could be like:

Then there's the Seeker, a game I'm working on. The story and art is my side of things. Besides writing a 50-page reference document for the universe, I'm also working on the game script. I've also recently painted portraits of the two main characters, a piece I'm pretty happy with:

And of course there's the Shadowrun work I've been doing. They've already started to appear in a handful of PDF downloads, paperbacks and hardbacks.

But besides all of this, there's something big in my head and I'm starting to feel it wants out...

The Mayflower Project!